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Cataloging the World
with Better AI

Powerful content, Image Editing, Data Sourcing technology to deliver genuine personalisation and fuel unrivalled business success.
Floral printed red dress
Cataloged by Cataloging.Ai
27" 4K Monitor
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1. Data Sourcing

Leverage our AI enabled web scrapper cloud platform to obtain organised data from websites, without any coding, servers, or hefty software.
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2. Image Editing

Cataloging AI takes your image editing game to a next level in just a few minutes. Get high quality images for your products easily.
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3. Image Recognition

Incorporate our user-friendly tool to comprehend the division of categories and visual styles, trends, seasonality, neck lines and styles.
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4. Powerful Content Generation

Increase traffic and save hours of effort by using Cataloging AI. Create original, interesting, and high-quality content automatically.
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5. Translation

Translate any content into your desired style and language with a press of a button. Tada, it's that easy.
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6. Cloud QC

Cataloging AI is protected by the cloud, which combines websites, programmes, data, and applications into one virtual server.
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7. Multi Marketplace Mapping

Planning a framework for a new product is never simple, so let us assist you with an all-in-one programme that addresses all your mapping concerns in Multi Marketplace.
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The tech ability with appropriate costing makes them competitive in the market and the team's adaptability to work on unexplored tasks reflects the customer centric approach.
Urender Singh
Decathlon Sports India


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Accuracy and acceptance rate.
Deep Tech
A collection of UI components to demonstrate your product.
Speed with action
A collection of UI components to demonstrate your product.
Used by 30+ great Brands and Marketplaces
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Common questions
How to request a demo?
Click on the top request demo button or write us a mail using our contact details. Our team will reach out to you or schedule a demo with you.
How does cataloging ai work?
Once we receive the input data from users ( where input data could be anything ) we run our different AI algorithms the generate required informations. Our cloud QC team takes care of final editing and QC process.
How much time it will take to catalog few samples?
In an average we we take 8 hours to catalog a batch.