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Tips To Help You Create The Perfect Catalogue For Your Brand

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Only a good quality product is a successful one — a premise that is fast eroding in relevance.

While it is absolutely necessary to have quality, marketing your product is an equally important facet when it comes to making it commercially successful. With so many D2C brands to choose from for each product, registering your brand in the minds of the customers requires a special effort and a star rated marketing campaign. This is where a fine product catalogue can be a game changer for your brand, especially on e-commerce platforms or omni channels.

Catalogue management has become a key focus area with companies using it as potent sales and marketing tool to enhance their business. Having said that, creating a new catalogue is no easy process as there are too many variables that go into making a successful company catalogue.

Here are a few important tips that will help you make your catalogue copy appealing and gain traction from the viewers.

1. Hire a professional catalogue creator

It is very important to get the basics right. Knowing about the product itself is not sufficient to create an impactful catalogue copy. A professional catalogue designer will help you think out of the box and prepare creative catalogues that are in sync with the latest trends. Ensure that you check some of their previous work before hiring so that you are sure about the quality.

Make your online catalogue interactive and informative

Give the customer a snapshot of key features of your product without overburdening them with information.

Look at this simple example from Amazon. You get to know the product specifications including its price and customer rating without actually having to click on it and go to a different page. The aim is to show customers a variety of products and assist them in making a quick selection. That is when they will come back to your website again.

Another key aspect of catalogue marketing is to make it interactive and encourage customer participation if possible.

Bundle products to help visualise and encourage catalogue shopping

Bundling multiple products together is always a good idea. If you are selling merchandise, show them all together as a theme instead of displaying them individually. For example, a model wearing a shirt accompanied with matching trousers, shoes and other accessories is likely to motivate a customer to buy more than one product and is a better idea than just to show the shirt singularly. Having a model will also add more character and context to the catalogue and allow the customer to visualise the look of the product.

2. Make yourself accessible and lead the customer deeper into the catalogue

Make sure that you have all necessary contact details displayed prominently on all your catalogue pages. It should not take the customer anything more than a few seconds to find information like your e-mail ID, URL and contact number.

Additionally, design the catalogue in a way that it encourages the customer to buy the product immediately. Include a ‘buy’ button against the products so that it leads the customer to buy the product without wavering off elsewhere and incentivise them with free and fast delivery on an immediate purchase.

3. Thorough product descriptions with impeccable photographs

Come up with brief, quirky and lively narrations for your products that encourage a potential buyer to read thoroughly. Tell them why your product is a must have for anyone and how it is going to add value to the user.

Another thumb rule to be followed judiciously is to make a catalogue that is visually appealing. Click photographs of the real products instead of using images from photo stock. Make use of a professional photographer. A picture is the next best thing to actually seeing the product for real. Use different angles and situations to add variety and lure the customers with good pictures.


Customers these days make a thorough research of a product before buying it, especially if they are shopping online. A good catalogue that provides all essential information of a product along with a good visual representation is sure to catch the imagination of an individual and make them come back to your page.

It is therefore very important to design a great catalogue, and the tips mentioned above are surely going to assist you to do just that.

What are the other tips that one can follow to build a good catalogue? Have they helped you promote your business?

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